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We can hardly call ourselves athletes or sporty, but the allusion of organizing, more so joining a fun run event has elicited much excitement in our company.

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Mostly First-Timers
We know fun run, yes! Yet we have enjoyed the truest sense of activity, when we were able to join, mostly as first-timers. We were at the assembly area, 5:00 AM; dressed like pros, eager and giddy.

The Fire-Fighter’s Truck Shower
Feeling the body-slamming water from the fire truck, made all the thrill and fun run mode, switched-ON. It was a whole new experience!

Mixed Feelings
While running, we cannot help but get mixed emotions:
Felt overwhelmed because the crowd was so huge; the support of everyone was just amazing.
Felt determined to make it to the finish line.
Felt exhausted.
Felt desperate that I cannot beat my exhaustion.
Felt accomplished because despite of everything, we completed the run unscathed.

Purpose-Driven; Goal-Achieved
We had so much fun; hence, it was called fun run.
We became fitter by shedding off extra-calories.
We were able to show our support toward health and sports.
We made friends with other enthusiasts.
It gave us a new perspective for work-life balance; enjoying and sacrificing for a purpose-to bless others.
We have helped the athletes of the United Batangueno Table Tennis Club, the beneficiary of the event.

There is not a single thing that can describe the whole experience. Pioneerians were just so lucky to be given a chance to become part of it. Let us all enjoy a healthy life. Have fun. Run for a cause. Be healthy. Be well.

We Don’t Just Examine, WE CARE!

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