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Climate change impacts EVERYONE!

While we are all multi-tasked in the ordinariness of daily lives, trying to meet our basic needs, deal with social challenges, local and national challenges; “mother earth”, like the ever “caring mom” is busy hurdling with her “environmental challenges” to PROTECT us.

Furtherance, as we are so busy doing everything for our own survival, mother earth is “aging” and climate change speeds this up. The question is, “When was the last time you paused and thought about her?” If in the count of one- to-ten, you cannot think “when”, it could have been very long already, or maybe “not at all”. Yet, the more challenging question is, “Can we do something to save mother earth?” YES, WE CAN!

We can start small, in the most achievable way. Lifestyle adaptation is required too, even in the workplace. The global issue we are addressing is sustainable survival of our civilization; not now, but in the future. With this purpose-driven encouragement, Pioneer Lab launched the “SAGIP KALIKASAN PROGRAM”. An annual activity which aims to adopt a community to cultivate employee awareness on “Green Initiatives”, thereby engaging them personally, and continually assisting the “adopted community” in mitigating climate change, in a very practical and sustainable way.

August 8, 2016 – “SAGIP KALIKASAN 2016” Pioneer activity was launched.

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Despite the stormy rain, Pioneer Lab “Planeteers” thru the leadership of the Green Bloomers, Waste Watchers and Safety Committee, supported by its members and the Top Management, adopted Barangay Malitam in Batangas City in its “Nipa/Mangrove Planting and Coastal Cleaning Program”.

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It has been a success through the assistance of the Batangas City ENRO and the Barangay Malitam Officials, from the ocular visitation and planning until the actual day of planting and cleaning.

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Pioneer lab thru its annual “SAGIP KALIKASAN PROGRAM” will be proactive in giving back mother earth, a little pampering that she deserves. Climate change is real, and there is no way to reverse it. Individual change is what we need, to protect and save mother earth. Mother earth is shouting for HELP!

The magnitude of global climate change is so massive that our individual mitigating action thru our “SAGIP KALIKASAN” could be so inconsequential, however the synergized engagement of Pioneer Lab and its Planeteers, together with the collaboration of communities we will adopt, collectively we can continually accomplish sizable mitigation control. We believe that in the future, its benefits will be realized and mother earth will have a fossilized gratitude in her heart.

“The power to save mother earth is in our hands.” – Pioneerian-Planeteers

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