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“In Accounting, Objectivity Principle states that financial and accounting information needs to be independent and free of biases. Being a Pioneerian, I need to be fair-minded to maintain good relationship with internal and external clients. I am upholding our core value of OBJECTIVITY. I am TRUE to my job! “ —KZ

Sa Pioneer Lab, tapat ang aming serbisyo na base sa integridad at mataas na kalidad ng bawat proseso – WALANG KINIKILINGAN: mahirap man o mayaman; anumang lahi at katayuan sa buhay; mataas man o payak ang kaalaman; anuman ang pananampalataya at relihiyon; patas ang pagtanggap sa kasarian: KAMI AY TUNAY NA MAASAHAN!

Furtherance, OBJECTIVITY in the workplace is defined by a fair and balanced approach to making decisions concerning all stakeholders, tasks, objectives, business decisions on company issues,etc. These decisions are generally based on facts, figures, evidence, logic, and reason, avoiding emotion-based responses or personal judgments of situations. “Facts and figures won’t lie.“

A person who represents matured growth and abundant mind-set would have a more objective – reasoned approach in their workplace decisions.

We Don’t Just Examine, WE CARE!

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