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Pioneer Lab, MALASAKIT Araw-araw

On the 25th year of PIONEER LAB, it chose to celebrate “MALASAKIT” on top of its silver-year- achievements. PIONEER LAB is infinitely grateful to our LORD for all its blessings, and the best way to THANK HIM, is to SHARE. FIND MALASAKIT. MAKE MALASAKIT. DO MALASAKIT. CELEBRATE MALASAKIT.

“BUT, WHAT IS MALASAKIT?” From the English translator, different words would pop out. Concern. Care. Sacrifice. Devotion. Adherence. etc. But “crucifix” gave us the most significant meaning. Yes indeed, nothing and nobody would surpass the “MALASAKIT OF JESUS CHRIST” who died on the cross for mankind.

This thought simplifies our idea of MALASAKIT. “Your pain is my pain.” – A synergy of empathy and sympathy; of responsibility and accountability which impacts others’ lives and well-being.

To PIONEERIANS, MALASAKIT is a voluntary action extended or expressed to others, more so to strangers who cannot return the favor; an extra-mile during the most unexpected situation towards people who have no voice to express their pains and agony, and no capacity to pay us in return. MALASAKIT is synergy of good intentions, not always parallel with monetary value. MALASAKIT is not about money, it’s MALASAKIT by HEART.

VISIBLE MALASAKIT is easy to find in the ordinariness of the day, especially during calamities, but still- MALASAKIT can be INVISIBLE WITH NO COST AT ALL: Prayers, trust, sincere affection, and a lot more which can make somebody else’s life a little brighter, burdens a little lighter, for which at the end of the day you can proudly say- “I’ve done a great job!” MALASAKIT is what propels you to help, which gives you a resounding joy in your heart, and serenity of mind and spirit.

Pioneer Lab’s President, MR. CARLO G. ESPINA shared a very inspirational story that of Carlos P. Romulo: “ During the selection of the UN’s official seal, he looked over the seal-to-be and asked, “ Where is the Philippines?”; US Senator Warren Austin, head of the selection committee, explained, “It’s too small to include. If we put the Philippines, it would be no more than a dot.”; “I WANT THAT DOT!” insisted Romulo. Today, a tiny dot between the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea can be found on the UN seal.”

PIONEER LAB may never be found anywhere in the globe. It may not even have a name –recall; and Pioneerians may just be forgotten after the event. It doesn’t matter! Forget the Pioneer Lab.

Forget the Pioneerians. Still, it will not restrain us from finding, making, doing, and celebrating MALASAKIT.

We are celebrating MALASAKIT ADVOCACY not for the feast of the eyes, for titles and praises; we goal to humbly, humbly infect others, who are born heroes, born innate of compassionate hearts , selfless for extra-mile to advocate MALASAKIT every day , until it ripples to many and hopefully creates a tidal wave of change in the most achievable way, today…someday.

“Life is short. We live only once.”- So the maxim says. BUT NO!

Isn’t it purposely challenging to realize that- “WE DIE ONLY ONCE AND WE LIVE EVERYDAY?” What’s your other significant purpose in life then?

“Let’s find the jolly!” Santa Claus says. Let’s celebrate CHRISTMAS every day.

Let’s celebrate MALASAKIT in our simple ways.



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