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Our 21st Anniversary Challenge: “Gearing Up Towards Leadership in Quality Healthcare Services”

Our 21st Anniversary logo design shows a background with different shades of green – a color that is often connected to balance and growth. Used flat design which is clean, that depicts modernity and the ability to sync with today’s high quality standards.

On the other hand, the number 21 (which symbolizes 21 years of quality service) contains vibrant colors depicting energy and enthusiasm. It has a blue ribbon on it, symbolizing highest quality or first class – a status and integrity that we always strive for and continually achieved. This is how we envision Pioneer Lab on its 21st year, towards Leadership in Quality Healthcare Services.

ALWAYS GO THE EXTRA-MILE! This is our working paradigm. It’s not just “business as usual” at Pioneer Lab, it’s making a delightful customer experience through aligned medical support channels: professional and client-centered people, modern equipment and customer-friendly facilities, inexpensive rates and promos, and reliable-quality services, rendered 7-days a week. This brands the PIONEER LAB difference, because “WE DON’T JUST EXAMINE, WE CARE!”

They say, “Leadership in quality is not everybody’s business, yet WE, the engaged employees of Pioneer Lab dare to say, “21st anniversary challenge, ACCEPTED!”

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