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PIONEER LAB’S 7,665th DAY JOURNEY – “Tatak Batangueño: Hindi Susuko!”

September 8, 2015 – Pioneer Lab celebrated its 21st Anniversary while riding on its mission of: “Gearing Up Towards Leadership in Quality Healthcare Services”. The continual innovation on systems, processes, facilities, and internal competencies are salient keys to its realization.

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Pioneer Lab is a proud, yet equally humble “Batangueño”! Historically branded as “HINDI SUSUKO!” Its founders, as true-blooded-Batangueños, at the age of 23 (in 1994) mastered the resilience against any adversity. Their selfless passion for work and social service, guts and divine FAITH has never been tarnished. More so, they have learned the synergy to “adapt and adopt” excellence in quality service; exuded down to its core people towards a delightful customer service.

Its founders have nothing but a heart towards its clients and its people. Amazingly, they simply want to leave a genuine legacy of quality service. “Work is Love in Action” – their daily motivation, hence every day, Pioneer Lab’s goal is to “Just enjoy, as family, with quality in every aspect of service!”

With God’s intervention, with our engaged people and trusting clients, with the guidance of regulatory and accrediting bodies, we will humbly embark towards our VISION and MISSION, and will devote our service towards a delightful (Pioneerian) experience. We are continually recommitting to our commitment that, “WE DON’T JUST EXAMINE, WE CARE!”

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