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Pioneer Lab’s Summer Escape 2016

“Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” – Miriam Beard

Recently, on March 13, another activity tightens the bond of Pioneerians as they beat the heat at La Vista Resort, Pansol, Laguna. This summer getaway intended to provide staff with source of recreation and escape while they build a better working relationship and camaraderie with one another. And that’s it! The company outing had served its purpose very well.

Excited. Staff came early in their summer attire and flip flops on that much-awaited day. Everyone was thrilled of the thought of swimming, nature-seeing, eating, fish spa, and the getaway, itself. Some staff came along with their family members and loved ones; others were solo but blissful and enthusiastic with their Pioneer Lab family. Nevertheless, everybody seemed to unite with one great feeling, and that was the sense of excitement for their one memorable summer day out.

Indulge. After hours of waiting, the travel finally came to an end as we reached our destination, La Vista. Staff, with their glowing smiles and shimmering eyes went nimbly towards the great entrance of the resort. Camera clicked everywhere; giggling and joyful laughter all around and adventure-packed plans were heard all-over the place. All the excitements came to life as staff explore and pander the beauty of the place and dive into their inviting pools especially the wave pool. Some staff were also able to show their hidden talents in singing, photography and real-life entertaining ^_^. Others spent their time in other activities like table tennis and fish spa.

Worthwhile Exit. Memories have been created in that short but happiness-filled adventure! All staff left the place, tired in laughing, tired in running, swimming, giggling, singing and everything under the sun, and as they say, if that was the thing to be tired of, then they were willing to get tired every time around.

Until the next Summer Adventure Pioneerians.

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