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PCLMCI as an Eco-Friendly Medical Clinic

More than a year after we received an award as the most Eco-friendly Healthcare Institution, the local government has once again recognized PCLMCI for its continual commitment to environmental sustainability.

According to experts, environmental sustainability is a state in which the demands placed on the environment can be met without reducing its capacity to allow all people to live well, now and in the future.

It has become a pressing matter because of the way we are living right now; we are already using 2 to 3 times more of the Earth’s natural resources than what it can replenish. As a result, within a generation, oil and many other resources will most likely be scarce and far more expensive. This will ultimately threaten the existence of life on Earth.

If we do not act now, we will see the consequences of the depletion of our natural resources and it will not be pleasant.

Let us do something to stop this. Let every person contribute to the conservation of our natural resources and reduce CO2 emissions.

Together, we can make a difference.

PCLMCI is taking on this challenge. We have a committee devoted in caring, loving and protecting our planet. We called them “Planeteers”.

Planeteers has 4 sub-committees:
1. Green Bloomers
The nature-lovers that tend our plants harvest and sell vegetables from our garden.
2. Energy Busters
The energy-saving experts that monitor our electrical consumption, and implement methods to decrease it.
3. Waste Watchers
The waste segregation police that ensure everyone adhere to PCLMCI’s waste management system.
4. Water Savers
The water saving aces that manage our water consumption thru monitoring and implementation of water saving methods.

Since we started our projects, we have noted significant reduction in our waste, water and energy consumption. We have also harvested vegetables from our garden and sold them for additional funds.

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The award we received last Friday (April 22, 2016) was unexpected. The surveillance done by CENRO a week before that was even more surprising.

But we have always taken environmental sustainability seriously and it is not without great effort that we have managed to keep our environmental policies and procedures intact.

We are even more encouraged right now to do better knowing that the local government is with us towards this goal.

As Pioneerians and Planeteers, you know you can count on us!

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