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At Pioneer Lab, we ensure X-Ray’s Systematic Image Quality. We have licensed and well-trained staff to perform the right X-ray procedures under the highest standards of quality assurance. Right Image quality should always be assessed because it may not be possible to answer the clinical questions if the image is inadequate. The chest X-ray should be checked for rotation, inspiration, and penetration.

What Affects Image Quality In Radiography

1. Brightness—intensity of light representing individual pixels in image.

2. Contrast — difference in brightness between light and dark areas of image.

3. Resolution — Recorded sharpness of structures on image.

4. Distortion — misrepresentation of object size or shape.

5. Exposure Index — a numeric value that is representative of the exposure the image receptor received.

6. Noise — random disturbance that obscure image clarity.

7. Post Processing — Changing or enhancing the electronic image to improve diagnostic quality.


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